of free
music Improvisation

Music as a form of expression. Workshops for Groups with or without music experience.

What is needed to Improvise freely in a Group

  • Acceptance
  • Spontaneity
  • Communication
  • Generosity
  • Curiosity
  • Being yourself

A group Improvisation supports the bonding of a group and the development of the participants.

It is a process that makes as develop our selves through music in an interaction with the others.

The goal in this Workshops is not to have a perfect musical sample, then to have FUN and EXPRESS through the music. Also through the music improvisation it is possible:

  • to explore feelings
  • reduce stress
  • improve communicative skills
  • develop as an individuum
  • accept the others as they are
  • have a nice time

You just need a bit of courage to overcome the “shame” and just start to hit the djembe in the way you feel.
Let us develop this courage and go through this inspiring process.